Many thanks for inviting me to share this day with your loved ones and friends. It is with great joy that I hand over your trouble and mischief to your husband. Congratulations, and warm wishes to both of you on your wedding day. You both look amazing and dashing when you care about one another. Your marriage is already perfect, sister. After all, two families are becoming one. You folks are extraordinary together. Wedding wishes are the messages of congratulations and wishes for the future that you write in the wedding card. Formal wedding wishes are perfect for when your want your message to be timeless, traditional and romantic. Your great days have just begun. Law, you have done the impossible.


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All the best for you and your family on this wedding anniversary.

Now I understand why my husband is such a gentleman who is so respectful of women. Wishing you all the best today, on your wedding day, and in your life together. May you have great delight in your marital union with your husband. May wedding anniversary continue to be very special today and beyond. You have made a wonderful decision. You guys really are perfect together. This happy engagement my wonderful memories as important things go with giggling, law for marriage sister in one! May god for in.

Wishing you a lifelong love and a life full of joy.

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From the one who pulled my pigtails to the one who stood like a wall for me. You are an exceptional person, whom I love and respect very much. Best wishes on sharing this wonderful new chapter of your lives together. Sending best wishes and congratulations. Happy anniversary with lots of best wishes.

It fills me with joy to see you both so happy!

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Wishing the newest couple in town a happy wedding and an eternally blessed union. May your marriage continue to be a blessing and sweet memories to look back to. Both of you look consummate and frantically infatuated with each other. Congratulations and all the best to you for a new and happy life ahead. Left for you, your babies will be hotheads.

Go ahead by following the way of the Holy Quran.

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They can eat your awesome cooking everyday and take them trips to awesome places! But I am glad he did because it enabled us to become such good friends. With lots of love and happiness in heart, I wish you a happy wedding. Happy engagement anniversary my dear sister! My wife is super amazing, cool and friendly.

Congratulations on finding your forever partner!

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Our family is especially blessed to welcome your beautiful bride into our fold. Happy couple who truly lights up to see your wishes for marriage sister in law! He is indeed a man with a bundle of contrasting but lovable qualities. Bhai sa saath diya, kabhi galtiyon ko chupa kar, kabhi surprises de kar. When should you send an engagement card? Happy married life sweet little sister. Anyway, have a blessed married life! Each woman needs the best for their home however not every person works in the correct method to guarantee that. Best wishes for your future.


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In times of emotional difficulties, you have always been the shoulder to cry on. Congratulations for your new job, I mean your engagement, dear sister. You make me all soft and fluffy inside.

May God bless u both and make ur relation stronger.

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Thank you for making him the man we all knew he could be.

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Please be aware these controls are distinct from the controls that Facebook offers. Congratulations on the successful completion of one year of your married life. May the love you share last a life time and may you be always like this. Man, you should love until the end of time. Stay blessed and happy with your soul mate! Cheers to the new bride and groom!

May you have the perfect wedding and a perfect future with your perfect man. At first, I was anxious about how you would affect my relationship with my brother. You and I have spent a lot of time together throughout the years. She is not only beautiful on the exterior. Happy Birthday to you dear brother in law.

Looking for Engagement anniversary wishes to show your love for your partner? Wedding Sayings for Brother or Sister Wedding Sayings for Son or Daughter. Hope u find time to look back on all your sweet memories together. The ones who accept you for who you are. Improve your cooking skills, please!

Congratulations to you both on finding one another.

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It is just like an adventure having romance, love and care for each other.




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Heartiest congrats for a match made in paradise.
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